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3 min readNov 8, 2022

KULAI, 8 November 2022 — Construction specialist Haily Group Berhad (“Haily” or “Group”) has kick-started a series of society upliftment activities as part of its larger ESG agenda. In the upcoming quarters, the Group is open to allocating monetary and non-monetary resources for social programme that improves societal well-being.

Further to its ESG efforts, Haily has organised Blood Donation Campaign 2022 on 7th Nov, in collaboration with Hospital Sultanah Aminah (“HSA”). The Blood Donation Campaign took place at Haily’s Headquarters in Kulai, Johor where a total of 51 packets of blood was collected from donors which comprised mostly of Haily’s employees and their family and friends. Those who took part in the campaign also include workers from the neighbouring factories. Haily hopes to support the community and supply blood to those in need.

From left: Haily Group Berhad Human Resources Executive Mr. Ben Lim Yi Jie (林怡杰), Haily Group Berhad Founder and Executive Director Mr. See Tin Hai (薛廷海) presenting a token of appreciation to Hospital Sultanah Aminah Medical Officer Abilahshinee A/P Velasamy and Hospital Sultanah Aminah Medical Officer Nik Nur Adira at Haily’s office.

Haily Group Berhad Founder and Executive Director Mr. See Tin Hai stated: “Over the years, Haily has played a key role in advancing public welfare. As part of our company mission, we wish to maintain long-lasting connections with our esteemed customers while preserving the highest standards for the environment, safety, and health. In order to achieve this, we have decided to improve the Group’s ESG agenda, thus, organising a series of social programmes in the coming months. The first of which is the blood donation campaign.

“This collaboration with HSA is to increase public awareness of the significance and benefits of blood donation and to use this to inspire society to come together in times of need in order to replenish the blood bank shortages left over from the pandemic days,” he adds.

Following the Blood Donation Campaign, Haily’s next step in accelerating its ESG efforts in the near future are Litter Picking Campaign 2022 and the SHASSIC Awareness Course 2022.

Litter Picking Campaign 2022 is to create awareness among Haily’s employees on keeping the surrounding of Haily’s premises clean and tidy. Taking place on 12 November 2022 in Indahpura Industrial Area, this programme is an opportunity for everyone to assist in creating a cleaner environment. Beside the campaign, Haily has also arranged for the installation of recycling bins at its headquarters to promote good recycling practices.

SHASSIC Awareness Course, happening on 13 December 2022, aims to raise awareness of a safe work environment via knowledge and empowerment. As part of the safety awareness programme, Haily’s safety and health officers as well as the site safety supervisors are invited to hear and learn from a competent safety trainer from Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan. These ventures amply demonstrate Haily’s efforts, as they work to fulfil their purpose of ensuring a secure, comfortable home and a sustainable environment.